Play free online games and win a game system

This is a gaming site that has a drawing going for a free gaming system. Their site offers great free online games to play and you may win! Check it out.


Hoodia Maxx trial offer

There has been so much hype surrounding Hoodia products in recent news and commercials. Try it for yourself for only 1 dollar. This manufacturer has a 1 dollar trial on Hoodia Maxx and claims you can lose 25lbs in a month using it.


Anti-wrinkle face cream free samples

Dremu anti-wrinkle facial creams and facial washes. Dremu is supposed to erase all those little lines around your face that sometimes give away your age. If you do not believe them… they offer free samples and free trials of the skin cream and skin care line.


Softsoap - Nutra Oil - chapstick free product samples

Click the link below to check out the free product samples of Nutra-oil softsoap 

Free samples of chapstick - 3 pack


Glad - free variety pack of GladWare

Well, here is one thing you can never have enough of, or at least I can’t… Trash bags. Check out this cool offer from the leader in bagging things up, Glad. Glad is offering a free variety pack of their plastic disposable food storage containers - Gladware


Free Sreensavers

I think we all know that our new color moniters do not really need a screensaver to save them! Screensavers are now just cool images that keep us amused when we have been slacking off at the computer for too long.

However, I think everyone can agree that the screensavers are getting cooler and cooler. The new ones are in 3D with 3D sound to match!

They are no longer there to prevent screen burn in, but more so to prevent brain burn on us. They give us brain food by making the screen spin round, surrounding us in the solar system and sound effects that make us believe we are in the middle of the Rain Forrest with thousands of animals chirping, squeeking and howling around us.

Anyway, one of the top companies behind the incredible art and sound technology that have evolved from the old “word flying cross screen” screensaver has an awsome download package of every screesaver you can imagine… from the planets to Jessica Simpson… they have em all, and they are free for you to download and use.

So download the screensavers, let the computer idle, and enjoy never never land!


Free T-shirt

From my fave printer, here is another great freebie… get a free t-shirt! check out the offer below by clicking on the graphic.

There are other great printing offers from this same company in other posts! wonder through and check out all the great offers!


Quiznos anyone?

If you are a sandwich lover you may wanna check out this offer. I have not done this one myself so please let me know all abot it and if you got that years supply of quiznos sandwiches.


Free shampoo sample

Which shampoo do you love? take this quick product survey and get a free sample of some top name brand hair care products! Check out this exclusive free sample of Pantene or  Loreal Below


Dish Network Satelite TV special offer

Here is a link to a great offer on Dish Network!

Just check it out! Dish network has satelite TV packages starting at under 20 bucks… who would have thunk it :)


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